Automation in textile

What is automation ?

Automation is a special mechanization process, where it is possible to increase the factory production easily in less time and with high efficiency through the use of automated equipment and modern technology. Automation means reducing the workload of people in different sectors of the factory by coordinating with different machines with the help of automatic control.  As a result, more textile products are being produced in less time with less man power. So, in simple words, automation is mechanization or getting things done automatically. The use of automation can now be traced back to textile raw materials such as ginning, spinning, weaving/knitting, dyeing, printing and apparel industry.

Currently the textile industry is known as a global industry. Due to the universality of textile, it has become one of the sources of study in today’s world. Billions of people are involved in this textile industry. Textile products are made from different types of fibers, yarns and fabrics. In textile industry, at one time only hand-operated and common technology was used. Gradually the use of technology began to increase and in today’s modern age due to the ever-new demands, various researchers and entrepreneurs have started researching and focusing on various types of advanced modern equipment and technological aspects thinking of product quality improvement and higher production. One such topic nowadays is automation or mechanization in textile industry.

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