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CVD Diamond Testing Machine


CVD Diamond Testing Machine

D-Check CVD Diamond Testing machine check CVD as well as HPHT diamond and approx. 5-carat diamonds within a minute.

– No requirement of Laptop if has an inbuilt display to display result.

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Our CVD diamond testing machine is Very simple and easy to use & provides accurate results whenever you test your diamond.  D-Check Diamond Testing machine check CVD as well as HPHT diamond and check approx. 5-carat diamonds within a minute.

We Established in 2014, “Sparrow Technology” is a leading company that manufactures, sells, and exports a wide range of CVD diamond machines, CVD diamond tester,  CVD diamond testing machines, and more.

We manufacture these products of unsurpassed quality under the Sparrow Technology brand, and we are one of the best CVD Diamond manufacturers in India.

Based in Surat (Gujarat, India) we are a partner company and manufacture the products we offer according to established industry standards.

CVD diamond Testing Machine Or Diamond Checking Machine Price?

The CVD diamond checking machine price starts from ₹199,000 (One Lakh Ninety Nine Thousand)

CVD Diamond Testing Machine And  CVD Diamond Tester

A CVD diamond tester is a device that will tell you if the gem is real.  If the diamond is real, the device shows it on the screen or with an acoustic signal.

you always curious to know, which one is fake and which one is genuine, now it’s time to know the difference between a genuine diamond and a fake one. Our CVD diamond testers provide you the most accurate and reliable results.

We are the best CVD Diamond manufacturers in India and supply diamond testers equipped with the most advanced testing technology.

CVD Diamond Testers can also use electrical conductivity which measures the amount and speed through which electricity travels through the stone, and we provide the best CVD diamond testing machine, and also provides the best CVD diamond testing machine at an affordable price In India.

Specification Of Cvd Diamond Testing Machine

Country of Origin Made in India
Brand Sparrow Softtech
Capacity 5 carat/min
Weight 6 Kg
Need Laptop No
Power 240 v AC, 50 Hz
Diamond type CVD and HPHT
Power Source Electric

How To Use Cvd Diamond Testing Machine?

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 15 cm


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