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Sparrow softtech Group thrives to provide first hand solutions to various industrial challenges. Our systems are developed with an aim to provide the entire CVD diamond processing systems.

  • CVD Diamond Testing Machine

    D-Check CVD Diamond Testing machine check CVD as well as HPHT diamond and approx. 5-carat diamonds within a minute. - No requirement of Laptop if has an inbuilt display to display result.
  • Features:

    D-GAURD 8000 a unique machine for diamond industries. 💎 ● Easy Operational System ● Use to Check Mounted Diamonds ● Result Display By Color ● Check L.B, L.C, & Nats ● The small size of the machine ● Multiple trays to work simultaneously ● Work with laptop/pc automatic tray in / out ● Two-button operation ● You can work without mouse and keyboard
  • --> D-gard is a diamond machine to check that diamond is natural or synthetic. --> D-gard give a perfect result. --> Using D-gard more than200 diamond can check within a minute. --> Asethetic look. --> Multiple tray to work simultaneouslym
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